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So I came here originally to talk about my class and stuff but then I get this message from sabi about helping him with his ex, she dumped him on the jan 23 a few year back. She got married a few months ago. I cheered him up a few months ago when she got married, so he thought maybe I could do the same now,

(I started this last night just fyi but didn't finish)

anyway I told him I didn't really know what more I could say. He just said forget it, can I tell you something? So I said sure anything. He goes, I like you and you were right. I say, Right about what? He says "I was think about you like me?" that's the way he talks... so I said "so I was right you do like me in a romantic way." he said "Uh yes". I ask, " is that what your saying?" He says " Yes I feel little fall in love for you?" so I ask, "You are falling a little?" he says "Yes so it's okay?" I said "Yes we are just going to have to be very clear when we communicate." I don't know if I've mentioned it but we tend to NOT make sense to each other and end up not knowing how the other one feels mainly on my end. He says "yes so its okay?" I say "It's okay with me if you want to come back to getting to know me with a future love in mind." Let me remind you readers, I'm still thinking about Jake. Then he told me he's not baptized yet and wants to wait for that so he said "maybe this summer" which is pretty good in his case because Jake can't even talk to me until the summer. But then he asked me to promise I won't hurt him like his ex. That's one of those things that you can never really promise because you don't know how things are going to go in the future but I won't cheat on him which is what it sounded like she did. I promised but I feel bad about it.

That's when I fell asleep and I woke up and posted this today.

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